Explore your sultry side


We found ourselves through dance, through movement, through feeling ourselves, and we want to share that magic with all of our students. We welcome and encourage all genders, shapes, sizes, ages and skill levels.

Here at the Pole Palace, we have world class instructors, each with their own personal dance style. Owner and instructor, Melissa, has over 12 years of experience with pole and yoga, and all instructors have years of experience in pole, dance, other forms of aerial arts, yoga, pilates and personal training. Everyone who teaches at our studio has also received ElevatED  certification. We take your safety and muscle health seriously here.

The Pole Palace is a place for all to learn, experiment with movement, play and be unabashedly sexy. It's also a place to train, sweat and improve strength, flexibility and skills. This is a place to dance and feel free.